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Welcome to Tibet
(The Crown of the World)

When is Best Time to visit Tibet?

Cultural Tours
April to November is general good weather for cultural tours in and around Lhasa. By road to and from Tibet-Nepal border is best April to October.

Trekking in Tibet
April to October is general good to best time to trek in Tibet considering weather and road conditions.

Kang Shung Valley trek is best from May to June and September to October.

Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake trips is best June to September if your intent is to circle the mountain and visit some of the sacred pilgrimage sites in high places and want to see festivities of local and overseas pilgrims.

Saga Dawa Festival (celebration of Buddha’s enlightenment) is held between end of May and mid June of each year in Mount Kailash area. The Saga Dawa Festival marks the opening of pilgrimage season as well as the Dolma la (pass) at 18,771ft.

Lhamo Lhatso Trek is best June to September after Saga Dawa Festival.

Flight Connections to Tibet

Air China operates flights between Kathmandu and Lhasa.

Flights are scheduled on Tue, Thu, Sat and Sun. These flight days are current and subject to change without prior notice.

Chengdu to Lhasa:
Many airlines connect daily flights to Chengdu from Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming (Yunnan) and other provinces.
Thai Airways has direct flight from Bangkok to Chengdu. This makes much easier connection for most Tibet visitors traveling through Southeast and Northeast Asia.

Overland Journeys:

Overland journey to Tibet from Kathmandu is considered one of the most popular. The same trip can be done in reverse by taking a flight to Lhasa. Kunming, Yunnan Province and other parts of mainland China have road connections to Lhasa in addition to its direct rail link with Beijing in the last few years.

Travel In Tibet:

Certain attractive trekking destinations in high places of Tibet and overland trips between Lhasa and Kathmandu are not available until late April and early May. Other destinations including Lhasa can be visited best from April to November. Extended duration trekking season in Tibet, involving high passes and north of Everest Base Camp, is best from April to October. Please inquire for detailed information.

Tibet Visa and Travel Permit from Nepal:

Tourist visas for Tibet Autonomous Region of China can be obtained from the Chinese Embassy through a licensed travel agency in Kathmandu and Lhasa. To process your Tibet visa and travel permit through us from Nepal, we require at least 90 days advance confirmation of your trip with full payment followed by your passport details including your occupation. It is best that you obtain visas in advance for Tibet from a Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your home country. The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu requires five working days to process the Tibet/China visa and travel permit. However, an urgent visa processing for group tours is possible through us by paying US$30 visa rush fee per person to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. With the rush fee, a visa and a Tibet entry and exit travel permit can be obtained within 1-3 working days at US$45 per person. You must be in Kathmandu during this period of processing the visas and travel permits if your intent is to enter Tibet from Nepal. A Chinese visa obtained from abroad has to be endorsed by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu and have to get a Tibet entry or travel permit before departing on a trip to Tibet. Now, Tibet visa and travel permit can be obtained for a single traveler to any number of travelers.

Tibet Visa and Travel Permit for entry via mainland China:

Tourist visas for Tibet Autonomous Region of China can be obtained from the Chinese Consulate or Embassy in the US for American Citizens, and travelers from other countries should obtain Tibet visa from their own home country. Trip participants should obtain Tibet visas on their own after a trip has been confirmed with us.

Tibet Travel Permit:
If you plan to enter Tibet via mainland China, you must carry an original Tibet Travel Permit copy with you. We can obtain your Tibet Travel Permit and mail to your address in the US or in any another country. To process and obtain this travel permit in advance and to mail to you, we require at least 90-180 days advance confirmation of your trip with full payment followed by your passport details including your occupation. We suggest that you allow as much advance time as possible between the confirmation of your trip and obtaining the visa and permits.

All visitors to Tibet must hold passports valid for at least 6 months from the departure date. An entry permit is mandatory to travel in Tibet. And visitors traveling in restricted areas must have special permits.

Personal Details Required:

  1. Full name same as in your passport:
  2. Date of birth:
  3. Place of Birth:
  4. Nationality:
  5. Occupation/Profession:
  6. Passport numbers:
  7. Date of Issue:
  8. Date of Expiration:
  9. Place of Issue:
  10. Issuing authority etceteras:

Acute Mountain Sickness:

Most trekkers do not have this problem. However, you must be aware that Tibet is one of the highlands at the top of the world and it can affect the performance of some people. To be safe, you should consult your physician concerning how high you can go in terms of altitude when traveling on foot such as high altitude trekking in remote part of Tibet. For the strenuous treks, you must be reasonably in good shape. Also, we recommend that you bring your own personal medical kit. We operate Tibet treks by employing both Tibetan and Nepali staff, and provide camping equipment, a Gammon Bag (an artificial breathing chamber) particularly on extended duration adventure treks.

Tours, Guides and Transportation in Tibet:

Our Tibet tour guides are very experienced and will show you the cultural heritage in Tibet and provide you with very comprehensive explanations. Our well trained guides are highly experienced and can help you learn more about the life style of the local people and their culture. For Lhasa city and tours in the nearby destinations, we use tour coaches, mini bus and land cruisers for both transfer and sightseeing. For trekking, expeditions and Mount Kailash trips, we provide four wheel drive vehicles such as land cruisers that are suited for the condition of the roads.

Personal Baggage:

You are allowed to carry a maximum of 20 kilograms (44lbs) on international flights. Baggage on most domestic flights and trekking is about 15KG maximum. You are advised to be look after your personal belongings while you are traveling or trekking to avoid loss and inconvenience. So, put a strong luggage tag with your name and the address of your tour operator in the planned trip destination. Also, mark your luggage so that you can easily recognize at luggage claim station when you arrive your destination.

Personal Clothing and Trekking Equipment for Tibet:

For the equipment part of the information, please refer to our Nepal trekking gear list. This information is sent to all trip members. Should you have questions on equipment for a trip to Tibet, please feel free to ask us.

Meals and Camps while Trekking in Tibet:

Our cooks are well trained and can cook delicious meals; and we serve hygienically clean and healthy food. As per our set menu, the cook will prepare delicious healthy meals of different tastes daily. Those on tours to Lhasa or overland to Nepal, meals will be provided at the hotels and local inns along the way. We always camp where acceptable water facilities exist so that we will not get any water-borne stomach problems. The tents we provide on our treks are roomy and comfortable. At our campsites, a dinning tent with tables and campstools will be provided for your comfort. We request you to cooperate with your staff during the treks for the collection of garbage in order to protect and help keep the environment clean.

Important Notice:

Please be advised that our Tibet trips scheduled to depart from Nepal will end in Kathmandu unless prior arrangements are made to end the trip in Lhasa or exiting into mainland China. Also, the trip to Mt. Kailash via Kodari requires overland travel by jeep and land cruiser. A lorry or a truck is used for equipment, food supplies and crew. We usually provide a four-wheel drive jeep (Land cruisers) with comfortable seats. However, in some rare occasions you may have to travel by lorry (designed & equipped for off road traveling) with bench seats with basic comfort. Sometimes, comfortable jeep and land cruiser vehicle rides can not be promised until you are in Lhasa. We provide the best equipment, qualified staff and will try to do everything to serve you the best way possible. However, expect to get dusty and dirty on some of our Tibet trips. All guests with quest of adventure travel joining our Tibet tours and treks must be able to accept and adjust to the highland environment and local conditions, cultural differences, and the quality of service provided may differ at times because of weather and environmental factors. We operate our adventure trips in Tibet by employing the expert local staff and operators (legally registered tour operators and companies) to assure the quality of the service with reliability. Moreover, most extended treks and expeditions are supported by Nepalese staff as they have a life long experience in operating trips in extreme high altitude weather conditions. Employing Nepalese staff is based on current cooperation agreements and subject to change according to local and regional employment laws.

Tibet Package Prices:

All package prices are net per person in US Dollars. Our tour package prices are reasonable for the quality of service we provide you on all Tibet trips.

We work closely together with local Tibetan tour operators and guides as well as employ both Tibetan and Nepalese staff for some camping treks and expeditions in Tibet. All extended duration treks and expeditions are supported by Nepalese staff as they have a life long experience in operating trips in extreme high altitude weather conditions. The package prices are subject to change should there be major changes in government tax policies and in US Dollar exchange rates.

Booking Policy:

For all Tibet bookings, we require advance confirmation with a booking deposit of US$300 per person or full payment of the tour upon making the reservation with us. Final payment for short tours must be received at least 60 days prior to trip departure; payment for extended duration tours and expeditions must be paid in full 60-120 days before your trip departure. We also accept last minute bookings from clients given that we have available space on the trip and the flight seat on local and regional flights.

Please carefully read our booking terms and conditions as well as payment policy on the Trip Application Form or ask us for any question regarding the trip you want to book with us.

Why Confirm and Pay in Advance?

Confirmation of your trip with advance payment is required in order for us to book and guarantee your air seats between Kathmandu and Lhasa, and to arrange all the logistics for the proposed trip. Communication in this part of the world is slower than most developed countries. This also requires additional time. Thus, booking in advance means that you travel at ease when you begin your journey.

Booking procedures and payment policy:

For your trip payment, we accept international wire transfer to our bank account. We do not accept credit card payment at the moment. Also, we do not accept personal checks and money orders for your trip payment.

We will provide our bank account details to you at the time of invoice.

Please inquire for questions and further information at

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