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(Here are some testimonials from our clients)

Dear Ang Phuri Sherpa,
Sherpa Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

It has been a great pleasure to trek with your company for a second time. You have out done yourself with your professionalism and kindness. I have traveled to 63 different countries including three times to Nepal, but these last two trips with you to the Himalayas has been the best by far! Thank you for your insightful planning, warm accommodations and friendly staff.

I would highly recommend your company to others who seek such adventure, but prefer to not lose the comforts of home.

Best regards,
Damon Abnos
Kansas City, Mo USA

This fall, 2013, I was involved in a great adventure in Nepal. One of the world's great treks, the Annapurna circuit hike. The guide service we used was Sherpa Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

Ang Phuri SHERPA, President, was our head guide and his assistant guides were true Sherpa guides also.

Ang and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with all aspects of the trek. Their knowledge of the culture and traditions are second to none.

This was the third time I have trekked in Nepal and every time I've gone with Sherpa Journeys for a great experience.

If you want a little comfort with your trekking experience, I would recommend Sherpa Journeys Pvt. Ltd. above all other travel companies.

John Stetson
Seibu California.


To Whom it May Concern:

I recently had the extreme pleasure of being a participant in a 22-day trek to the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

Sherpa Journeys Pvt. Ltd. was the guide service that led us on the trek. Mr. Ang Phuri SHERPA is the Owner/Founder/Trip Guide. He and his crew of porters and guides made our journey enjoyable and worry-free as they took care of our luggage, found suitable lodging, and picked up our coats and cameras when we left them at a teahouse or restaurant.

Every teahouse we stopped at to stay the night was inspected by one of two of the guides before the room was OK' for our occupation. The guides also assisted in preparing all the meals for our group.

There was always a guide or porter shadowing us when we went exploring a village or city on our own to ensure our safety.

This was a very well organized, enjoyable trip, all because of Ang and his Sherpa Journeys organization.

Steve J. Hernandez
San Diego, California, USA

"Highest praise for Aang Phuri Sherpa and Sherpa Journeys! Aang Phuri and all of the trekking staff (all members of an extended family) were knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated to providing the best possible Nepal experience. Our 18-day trip was well organized and executed and our interactions with Aang Phuri and the staff made the trip very special for us. We highly recommend Aang Phuri and Sherpa Journeys for your adventure!"

Jeanette and Joanne Schneider,
Bishop, California, USA
October-November 2010

We all had an unforgettable seven days trekking experience on the Everest base camp trek. Needless to say the view along the trail was literally breathtaking. We had the luxury of having a guide per person and this turned out very well for us, as all three of us trekked at very different paces, especially as we ascent to higher altitudes. For the really tired ones, as was the case with one of our trekking team member, there exist somewhat of a pricy horse ride, which with hindsight can be worth every dollar. Our lead guide Aang Phuri Sherpa, Namgel and Wangdi were all superb. We have confirmed view through this trekking, that it is very important to go with experienced guides who not only are familiar with the local topography, climate conditions, managing different level trekkers and the local community, but also those who have the professional and friendly approach to customer service. We must have changed our trekking plan at least ten times in two weeks involving accommodation and transportation related logistics. There was actually a special sightseeing request made right up to the check-out on the last day. Aang Phuri Sherpa and his team made the entire necessary arrangement tour trip and importantly they did all this with a genuine smile. We will all miss Nepal and our guides who made our memory in Nepal special with their detailed and friendly attention to all our needs. We can not recommend more strongly Aang Phuri Sherpa and his team for anyone planning a great and enjoyable adventure in Nepal.

Peter, Bon Seuk Koo,
Sang Yub Keng,
Young Jihn Kim,
Seoul Korea

In October of 2008, I had the pleasure of traveling to Nepal for a vacation of hiking and sight-seeing with a group of 22 people. Aang Phuri Sherpa and his staff did a fantastic job of arranging the trip for us and being our guides. Aang Phuri chose an excellent hotel in Katmandu which had very nice rooms and a restaurant with good food. While we were there in Katmandu, Aang Phuri and his staff took us on many trips into the city to sight-see, shop, and see the stupas and historic areas which were unforgettable. With Aang Phuri as our guide, we got great information about what we were seeing and never had to worry about feeling lost or unsafe. Aang Phuri's extensive knowledge contributed greatly to our comfort and experience. For example, Aang Phuri knew which restaurants had food that was prepared such that it was safe for us to eat.

The highlight of our trip was six days of hiking in the Himalayas. Aang Phuri arranged for us to fly from Katmandu to the mountain village of Lukla where we started our hike. Aang Phuri and his staff did an amazing job of guiding us on the trail and keeping up with all 22 us (even though we all tended to hike at different speeds). They were infinitely patient when it came to telling us the names of the mountains we were seeing, what the trail ahead was like, and even taking photos of us with Mount Everest in the background. The quality of the meals and lodging Aang Phuri was able to arrange for us along the trail was really amazing considering we were in such a remote place as the Himalayas. We had comfortable rooms with beds to sleep in, good safe food to eat, and western-style toilets. Many of our lodges even had hot showers. As in Katmandu, being in the care of Aang Phuri and his staff meant we never had to worry about feeling lost or unsafe, so we were able to relax and have fun.

I enjoyed my trip immensely and I highly recommend Aang Phuri Sherpa and his company when traveling to Nepal.

Phil Stokoe
Tampa, Florida, USA

“I have been hiking for many years. Several years ago, along with two friends, I completed climbing the last of the 115 high peaks in the North Eastern USA. So it was time to try something new. We went to Nepal in October 2008 for a 6 day trek from Lukla to Tengboche. In addition to passing through the beautiful scenery we were very fortunate to have Aang Phuri Sherpa as our lead guide. The lodging and meals he selected for us were excellent. And his guides and porters all did a great job. At one point I tripped and fell. My injuries were very minor but Aang Phuri checked on me several times to be sure I was ok. We could not have found a better guide. In fact, we decided to return in 2009 to go all the way to Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathar. We will be using Aang Phuri for our return trek.

Jim Morris
Cherry Hill, New Jersey”

I had the privilege of being able to go on an adventure of a lifetime, with Aang Phuri Sherpa, as our guide, and organizer, in October of 2008, and I can’t think of a better more compassionate individual with a mix of knowledge, experience and love of his work, to go with. Everyone was dealt with in a professional manner, with genuine concern, that is hard to fake, you could just tell he really cared for everyone as an individual. I personally had a few issues, such as luggage being temporally lost by the airlines, which was out of his control, but he took it on with a concern, as though it were his own. I GOT IT BACK, at the end of the trek, which really was good, not to lose my stuff. He and others made sure I got what I needed for the trek, and it turned out to be great. He handled so many issues at one time, with great ease and made everyone feel special. I really hope I can do something in the future, of this nature, again as I feel as though I made a friend for life, and would love to experience an adventure with him again as a friend and VALUED GUIDE. There were 23 in our group and I feel as though it went so smooth, because of his attention to details and constant thought and care for everyone. Sincerely, A friend for life, I hope.

James D Hanson,
Reno, Nevada, USA

Our trip to Kathmandu and the trek to Tengboche were incredible. Aang Phuri Sherpa as our guide and the porters arranged such a memorable trip from the sightseeing of historical sites in Kathmandu to the accommodations while trekking. Their knowledge of the culture and history of Nepal was yet another plus. It's the attention to details that make a trip seamless, and that's what we experienced. A superb vacation, which was a direct result of Aang Phuri and his team's meticulous planning and follow-through on the arrangements. It was a trip of a lifetime! Thank you.

John and Kathy Stetson
San Dieago California, USA

I would like to let everyone know that we had a wonderful time in Nepal. Ang Phuri Sherpa did a wonderful job at organizing this trip and making sure everything went smoothly. We were all very well taken care of. He went way above and beyond the usual tasks of a guide. When we were in the city of Katmandu and also on the trail, he made sure all of our needs were taken care of. I would highly recommend him for other groups.

Thank you very much for your sincere and honest help.


Dear Aang Phuri,


It was a pleasure trekking with you last October (2008). You made the stay in Kathmandu, prior to and after the trekking, enjoyable and interesting, but the time during the trek was exceptional. Our group had such a wide range of experience in hiking that we're sure it was a challenge to keep track of us all, but you handled that very well.

You were able to see to specific needs of a number of people in our group. From the meals, to the accommodations, to the flight arrangements, every need was met. While it may be awhile before we visit again, it is only because our list of things to do is so long. Trekking again is definitely on our list, mostly because of how much we enjoyed this trip. We would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to trek in Nepal, and would be happy to let them know our feelings.

We are looking at our group picture as we write this.

Best wishes,

Mike & Mike Johnson
Maryland, USA

"In October 2008 I hiked the Everest Trail from Lukla to Tengboche with Aang Phuri and his wonderful Sherpa guides. The overnight tea house accommodations and lunch stops in the villages along the way were outstanding, very clean and comfortable. The guides were very attentive to our needs and ensured that our equipment was always at our next destination prior to our arrival. All arrangements made by Aang Phuri from arrival in Katmandu to departure were exceptional. There were no problems encountered during the entire trip and I would insist on using Aang Phuri's services on any future trips to Nepal."

Tony Devine
San Diego, California, USA

Namaste Aang Phuri,

I can’t thank you enough for leading our group on our recent visit and trek in Nepal.

I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and to experience a large number of guided adventures. I wanted to let you know that this visit was by far one of the best and that you’re leadership was the reason it was so great.

From the time we arrived, your work in Katmandu and the knowledge of the city brought a level of comfort to each member of our group. Your management in organizing the trek, the logistics, and the support team was outstanding. Further, your personal engagement and watchful eye of the entire team out on the trail was truly amazing!

I can’t say enough about your leadership and I would recommend you as a guide to anyone planning a visit to Nepal!

David Rapp
Michigan, USA

As I have had several months to reflect on my trek from Lukla to Tyangboche I realize more that ever that it was truly one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever taken. The scenery was spectacular and the walks through the villages were a wonderful cultural experience. Your guides were personable, patient and professional. I thought your choices of restaurants and tea houses was excellent. I look forward to enjoying the services of your company again in the near future.


Sue Fulghum



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